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Delgat Expands Data Entry and Quality Control Teams...

Delgat Data Expands Data Entry and Quality Control Teams Delgat Data's continued expansion and commitment to data quality has seen it enter 2009 with the recruitment of additional data control staff at its St Albans headquarters.

Phyllis Laurence, the director responsible for data control commented: "our data entry and quality control procedures demand both first-class language skills and a high level of technical competence.

Phyllis Laurence, Director, Delgat Data All our clients' benefit from automated quality control procedures tailored to the requirements of each project.

For this reason, our quality control staff need to be able to develop sophisticated computer programs to enable us to maintain very high levels of data accuracy even in projects involving millions of individual responses.

We're pleased that we've been able to fill these vacancies successfully, and further strengthen our data entry and quality control teams".

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Rising to the challenge of becoming an Investor in People...

Delgat Data Investor in People Delgat Data decided to join the "Investor in People" programme as a tangible sign of the regard it has for its staff, many of whom have worked for the company for many years.

'Investor in People' represents a significant investment for any organisation, and the project was funded in part by Business Link, and supported by Yessica Herrara, Business Link's advisor to Delgat Data. Yessica helped the company with the application and gave advice during the process.

As most of Delgat Data's staff work from home, the company instituted regular quarterly newsletters, including news about members of staff, new clients, and tips on data entry procedures and best practice.

In addition, the company conducted face-to-face appraisals and workstation assessments for all members of staff, in-house as well as home workers. This was followed by an extensive on-site visit by an "Investor in People" consultant. The consultant performed a complete audit of all Delgat Data's business and data capture systems, and checked the appraisals and assessment procedures.

One-to-one interviews were held with all in-house staff, and a number of home workers were contacted by phone. The consultant produced a very favourable report which was vetted by the adjudication panel, who then certified the company as an "Investor in People".

Delgat Data's certification under the "Investor in People" programme is further evidence of its commitment to quality in every aspect of its data entry operations, and underlines the company's ability to deliver the levels of accuracy and security required by today's clients.

Online marketing that embraces a new generation of clients...

Delgat Data Investor in People After 29 years of continued success in the data entry industry, Delgat Data decided it was time to move its online marketing up a gear, and address the needs of a new generation of clients.

A clear vision and strong management focus allowed Delgat Data to transform their website and Internet marketing in just three short months.

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